I love my new apartment. I have a 270 degree view of Osu (sadly the 90 degrees I am missing is the ocean view.) The apartment came furnished, including a bed, couches, table and chairs, fridge and a washing machine(!).

Last night I came home to lights out. Lights were on in the neighborhood, but the caretaker explained I was on a different circuit.  I shrugged, and decided it was a good excuse to go get a drink and some kebabs.  The next morning my power was still off, and closer inspection of my circuit box revealed that the power company had disconnected my power.

I thought it was a bit unfair, since I had just moved in two weeks ago. I called my landlord, who promised to look into the problem. He learned uncovered the following story:

The power company had not meant to disconnect me at all.  They actually meant to disconnect the power for the law firm in my building.  The bills the power company had been delivering to the law firm had a typo in the meter number, and the law firm had been refusing to pay the bills based on that.  Who knows, they may have technically been in the right, they are the law firm after all-- but the power company can still make plenty trouble when they come and disconnect you.  Except they didn't disconnect the law firm's power, they disconnected mine.

I paid an electrician to come reconnect me, but I am worried for the contents of my refrigerator. If my $12 Dutch blue cheese is bad, I will be tempted to smear it on the law firm's power meter.

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