How do you find an office in a town in Ghana? Mostly, you walk into town, chat up everyone you meet, tell them you are looking for an office, and give them your contact number. People are usually happy to help. Be outgoing, and soon you can have a beautiful, blue office like ours.

6/25/2012 02:04:10

The blog is dedicated how to find a office.Thanks for the blog post.

10/3/2012 05:45:13

I liked the way you wrote it. You did not divert from the topic even once which I have not seen in many other writers.

10/4/2012 01:09:35

Hi all! This one is really a good post. It is going to help me a lot. The stuff and is very well topic related and useful for me. I quiet like the writers point of view. Good job.


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